What to know before and after a Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Before Treatment: 

  • a test patch is recommended before the treatment on any area 
  • the area must be free of any suntan and self tanners 
  • you must be off accutane for at least 6 months 
  • you must not be pregnant or lactating 
  • retinol products must be discontinued 48 hours prior to treatment, or until any redness or irritation dissipates 
  • the technician must be notified if you have any permanent makeup or tattoos on the treatment area 
  • the technician must be notified of any changes in your health history 
  • to avoid pigmentation it is vital to wear sunscreen in the treated area daily. Minimum SPF 30. 


Day of Treatment: 

  • notify the technician if any unusual response from test patch occurs (scab, crusting, pigment) 
  • the face should be clean of all make up and/or skin care products 


Post Treatment: 

  • the area is generally swollen and red, for most people this will resolve in 24-72 hours 
  • the area treated is delicate so treat it with care 
  • you may feel discomfort similar to a sunburn, this usually lasts 12-24 hours 
  • you may apply clear aloe, clear Vitamin E gel, or cool cloths as often as desired 
  • do not soak in a hot bath or hot tub until the skin has returned to normal 
  • avoid workouts where you will perspire 
  • if you experience any blistering or crusting please contact the clinic and keep it moist with antibacterial polysporin. This will help it heal quicker and also reduce the chances of scarring. 
  • do not cover up any open sores on your face with makeup, only polysporin until they have healed 
  • sunscreen is a must to avoid pigmentation in treated area. A minimum of SPF 30 must be worn daily for 4-5 weeks after treatment. 
  • next treatment should be scheduled in 3-4 weeks.